About us ?

About us ?


About us

Back to 2015


IMO2S is the result of a partnership of two engineers with totally opposite but perfectly complementary skills. The urge to share their knowledge and put it at the service of the costumers were the main reasons of this launch.

Created in June 2015 and based in the Parisian region, the company quickly took off with a first site in Narbonne and then a second in Rouen. The company’s location allows us to respond quickly to our clients’ requests in the national sector.

In 2018, the association with ING-Y consolidates IMO2S’s skills and strengthens its geographical position in the Northeast sector of France.


Our Strength

We bring field experience combined with solid expertise. Having worked as contracting authority, project manager and contractor, we provide you with valuable assistance at all stages of your projects.

Our proposal strength and our technical dialogue facilitation contribute to establishing a constructive and dynamic exchange with the various intervenors.

With our partners, recognized operators in their fields, we offer you all the flexibility, portability and adaptability that you have the right to expect within the management of your projects.

Our Philosophy

Our approach aims to achieve everyone’s satisfaction including our employees, customers and contractors. To this end, we are working on two main axes. The first in what we seek and the second in what we value.

We aim to respect the safety of people, environment and properties. We work with the aim of growing by meeting the expectations of our clients and employees.

We value our employees by respecting cultural diversity and providing training courses to assist their personal development. For our clients, we are constantly seeking to develop trust and partnership through our adaptability and flexibility.

We seek fair relationships with our business partners in order to provide them with the most appropriate service.


Our Skills






Assistant to the Contracting Authority



Envy, growth, one significant event per year.


Creation of IMO2S

Creation of the company with a first mission in Project Supervising.


Launch of the project management department

First mission as an Assistant to a Contracting Authority


Team development

The company strengthens its skills with the arrival of a designer, followed very quickly by a young engineer.


Mission Expansion

First project of a motorway service station